Indian Bridge Management System

According to Union Minister of Road Transport & Highways Nitin Gadkari, Union Government will framework a policy to know the age and condition of all the bridges in India.


  • Ministry had prepared the Indian Bridge Management System for collecting information on all the bridges of the country.
  • This decision was taken as there are no expiry dates for bridges in India and as a result, several accidents and deaths occur.
  • Centre is now thinking of using stainless steel in the brides being built on seaside because it will increase the strength and longevity of the bridges and make brides more secure.
  • Union Minister highlighted the new-age technologies. According to him, new technology will have to be adopted to connect the spans of bridges.
  • India has a span of 30 metre while, Malaysia has a span of 45 meters. Longer span reduces the cost of bridge by 30-40 per cent.

Emphasis on Multi-storey Road projects

Union Minister further emphasised on multistorey road projects, because land acquisition is not easy in cities. For instance, in Nagpur, a project has been made to run metro over a two-storey road while in Pune, government is preparing for a four-storey road project in Pune.

Indian Bridge Management System (IBMS)

The IBM System has been established for developing data in digital form, for identifying and surveying the number of bridges and other structures on the National Highways. The system was established with the aim of identifying the distressed bridges which requires immediate attention. It also seeks to sensitize the concerned implementation agency to take corrective measures like repair, rehabilitation, reconstruction or new construction.

Inventory creation for Bridge Location Number

During inventory creation, bridges are assigned a unique identification number or National Identity Number on the basis of state, RTO zone and whether it is situated on a district road, state highways or national highways. After that, precise location of the bridge is collected through GPS, in terms of latitude & longitude. Based on this, bridge is assigned a Bridge Location Number. Following this, engineering characteristics are collected and are used to assign a Bridge Classification Number to the structure.




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