India Tanzania relations

India and Tanzania have maintained warm and cordial relations. Since 1960s and 1980s the countries have had common interests and have raised voices together against colonialism. The countries also shared commitments to non – alignment and South – South cooperation. During the post cold war era, India and Tanzania together initiated economic reform programs.

The high commission of India was established in 1961 in Dar es Sallam. However, the consulate was built late in 1974 in Zanzibar. Tanzanian embassy in New Delhi is also accredited to Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

Several agreements were signed between India and Tanzania during PM Modi’s visit to the country in 2016. It includes MoU on water resource management and development, joint action plan on small industries, visa waiver agreements, vocational training centers and a line of credit of 92 million USD for the improvement of water supply in Zanzibar.

India is the second largest investor in Tanzania. Indian exports 1,421.46 million USD (2016 – 17) worth goods to the country. It includes pharmaceuticals, petroleum products, motor vehicles, electrical machinery, iron and steel articles, sugar, etc. India imports 706 million USD (2016 – 17) worth goods. It includes gold, pulses, cashews, nuts, spices, metal scrap, ores and gem stones.

Under the ITEC program, 350 slots are allocated to Tanzanian citizens. India also offers 24 scholarships to the under graduate, post graduate and doctoral degrees.

In 2013, India offered a line of credit of 40 million USD for the supply of agricultural equipment and tractor. In 2014, India again extended a line of credit of 37 million USD for the supply of trucks and other vehicles to the defense force of Tanzania. In 2016, India provided a line of credit of 178 million USD for the water supply projects. For the same project addition 200 million USD was extended in 2017.

There are about 10,000 Indian nationals living in Tanzania.


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