India Design Council launches initiatives to promote Design Education and Standards

India Design Council (IDC) launched two initiatives, called Design Education Quality Mark (DEQM) and Chartered Designs of India (CDI), with the objective to support and set standards for design profession. The initiatives will harmonise the different education systems whilst taking into account their great diversity.

About Design Education Quality Mark (DEQM)

It will benchmark design education programmes on predetermined standards and will accord a quality mark to institutions that meet standards. It includes a trademark-protected logo, thus will help students choose right design programme as well as aid prospective employers to understand standing of design institute.

The mark will be granted to institutions that will undergo a review process and meet expectations for quality and standards as prescribed in Quality Code.

Chartered Designs of India (CDI)

It is an institution that will establish and uphold the professional standards of design practice in India. It is a cohesive platform that adheres to design practice to standards in professional design competence, ethics and service. CDI will focus on ‘Professional Designer’ identified by a design qualification and or experience.




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