India Bahamas relations

Bahamas gained independence from the British in 1973. It is now a parliamentary democratic country with bicameral house. It is a member of the Caribbean community, United Nations and Organization of the American states.

Together both India and Bahamas have supported each other in international organizations like UN Human rights council, UN security council, UNHRC committee, International Law Commission, Common wealth, International Maritime Organization. Bahamas also supports Bahamas for its permanent seat in UN Security Council.

Bahamas is the largest trade partner of India in the Carribbean and 4th largest in the region of Latin America. In 2016 – 17 India exported 6 million USD worth goods to the Bahamas. It included mineral wax, organic and inorganic compounds, products of distillation, mineral fuels, mineral waxes, rare – earth metals and other essential chemical products. In the same year the imports were around 258 million USD. It includes boats, ships, mineral oils, mineral fuels, distillation products, mineral waxes, etc.

Till 2011 as a result of small Indian community in the country and due to lack of direct community with India, Bahamas was forced to import goods of Indian origin from the USA and UK. However, the scenario changed after both the countries signed several agreements in 2011.

In 2011, India and Bahamas signed the TIEA – Bilateral Tax Information Agreement which enables the countries to exchange information relating to civil and criminal investigations.

India offers 5 ITEC slots to the country.

There are around 300 Indians living in the country. They are mostly professionals and are well integrated with the Bahamian society. Around 1,500 Indian tourists visit the country annually.



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