India – ASEAN Digital Work Plan

During the second ADGMIN, India and ASEAN countries have approved the India – ASEAN Digital Work Plan. ADGMIN is ASEAN Digital Ministers meet. The meet was held virtually.

About the plan

Under the plan, the countries will share their knowledge in the emerging areas of digital technologies such as 5G, Internet of Things, cyber forensics and advanced Satellite communication.

They will work together and develop technologies to fight against internet hacking, mobile phone stealing. Also, they will formulate plans to combat the wrong anti – social use of stolen mobile phones.

What is ADGMIN?

It is an annual meeting. The meeting is attended by the dialogue partners such as US, UK, Russia, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Japan, EU, China, Canada and Australia. During the 2022 ADGMIN meeting, the countries discussed about strategies to strengthen digital cooperation.


The ASEAN countries are Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Brunei, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines.


The plan will help to increase the engagement between the citizens and the state. Also, the plan will use Information and Communication technologies to promote human rights, free speech, and free flow of information. It will expand the opportunities of decision making processes. The plan will transform the lives of people in rural areas.

India – ASEAN

ASEAN is the main pillar of Act East Policy of India. India and ASEAN have five years of strategic partnership, 25 years of dialogue partnership and 15 years of summit level interaction.

Strategic Partnership: Here the countries will share resources, knowledge and expertise in different sectors. Mainly in defence, health, education, etc.

Dialogue partner: A country that receives consultative membership. The country has common interest with the group. It participates in conferences conducted by the group. Sectoral dialogue partners can participate only in few areas such as trading, taxation, IPR, etc. A full dialogue partner can participate in all areas.




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