India and Israel enter into a new cultural agreement with multiple targets

A cultural agreement has been signed between India and Israel with the aim of strengthening the strategic bilateral ties by the promotion of greater people-to-people exchanges. From the Indian side, Sanjeev Singla, India’s Ambassador to Israel, signed the agreement with the Foreign Minister of Israel, Gabi Ashkenazi. Earlier on that day, both countries signed an agreement in the field of water utility on the Indo-Israel Bundelkhand water project.

What is the significance of the cultural agreement?

  • It is a series of agreements between India and Israel that focus on the exchange of culture and art experts, cooperative protection of cultural heritage, archaeology, organizing literary festivals, film festivals, and book fairs, student exchange programs, etc.
  • Israel Antiquities Authority and Archaeological Survey of India will jointly cooperate on the matter of protecting cultural heritage and archaeology.
  • The foreign minister also declared they are looking forward to working on film production in collaboration with the Bollywood industry.

Indo-Israel Bundelkhand water project

Israel signed an agreement with Uttar Pradesh, considering three key components i.e. water conservation, transportation efficiency, and advanced agricultural water practices to cooperate in the field of the water utility to sort out water crisis problems in Bundelkhand area.




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