“In Principle” Approval for 21 Greenfield Airports

The Central Government has recently accorded “In Principle” approval for setting up 21 greenfield airports across India.

What is a greenfield airport?

A greenfield airport is one that is built from scratch on undeveloped land, where no work has been done in the past. This airport is built to minimize the congestion at the existing airports. Usually, it is at a greater distance from the city and constructed in a way that special consideration is given to the environmental impact.

Who governs the development of greenfield airports?

The Greenfield Airports (GFA) Policy, 2008 governs the development of greenfield airports in India. According to this policy, a state government or an airport developer, who is willing to set up a greenfield airport, is required to send the proposal to the Union Ministry of Civil Aviation for a two-stage approval i.e., Site-Clearance approval and “In Principle” approval.

The proposals provided by the state government or airport developer are considered by the Civil Aviation Ministry based on the procedures provided by the GFA Policy, 2008. The responsibility of implementing and funding of the greenfield airport projects lies with the concerned proponents of the project (airport developer or state government).

In Principle Approval for 21 Greenfield Airports

  • The Central Government has accorded the “in principle” approval for setting up 21 greenfield airports.
  • Of these 21 greenfield airports, nine have been operationalized. These are Kannur, Durgapur, Shirdi, Pakyong, Kalaburagi, Orvakal (Kurnool), Sindhudurg, Kushinagar, and Donyi Polo, Itanagar.
  • The Gujarat Government received in principle approval from the Indian Government for the development of two greenfield airports in Hirasar (Rajkot) and Dholera (Ahmedabad).
  • The state government has collaborated with the Airport Authority of India (AAI) for the development of the Hirasar airport at the cost of Rs.1,405 crore. For the development of the Dholera Greenfield Airport at the estimated cost of Rs.1,305 crore, a joint venture company involving the Gujarat Government, AAI, and National Industrial Corridor Development and Implementation Trust (NICDIT has been set up.




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