IAF Chief: Shooting down Mi 17 was a big mistake

The Indian Air Force said that the accidental shoot down of Mi 17 chopper in February 2019 was a big mistake. A Spyder air defence system of India shot the chopper near Srinagar airfield. It was an unmanned aerial vehicle that mistook the chopper for a Pakistani chopper.

The Mi 17 chopper crashed during the Balkot strikes

The Balkot strike was conducted by India on February 26. The Indian warplanes crossed the disputed regions of Kashmir and dropped bombs in the town of Balkot. Pakistan military was the first to announce airstrike on February 26. Indian confirmed and characterized its attack as a preemptive measure

The military court completed the inquiry last week. 5 IAF officers were held guilty for shooting their own chopper. The court held a Group captain, 2 Flight Lieutenants and 2 Flight Lieutenants guilty for not following correct procedure while shooting their own helicopter.

Milittary Justice

India has its own Army act, Air Force Act and Navy Act. There are also separate laws for paramilitary forces like Border Security Force Act, Coast Guard Act, Assam Rifles Act, Indo Tibetan Border Police Force Act.

The Armed Forces Tribunal was established in 2007.




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