IAEA Extraordinary Meeting on Ukraine

The International Atomic Energy Agency has decided to hold an emergency meeting regarding the war situation in Ukraine. The country has four nuclear power plants that are operational and various waste facilities including Chernobyl.


  • Board members Poland and Canada called the meeting on Ukraine’s request which is not on the IAEA board.
  • The member states of the International Atomic Energy Agency that are not on IAEA’s Board can call a meeting but if a Board member calls one the possible range of topics is increased.
  • Since the beginning of the invasion last week, IAEA chief Rafael Grossi has called upon everyone to refrain from any activity that could threaten the safe operation of all nuclear sites and nuclear material security.
  • Ukrainian authorities have said that a Russian missile hit a site of radioactive waste disposal although there was no visible damage and the results of on-site radioactive monitoring were still pending.

About International Atomic Energy Agency

The IAEA is a non-governmental organization that aims is to promote the peaceful use of nuclear energy while prohibiting its use for military purposes, such as nuclear weapons. In 1957, the IAEA was established as an autonomous organization. The IAEA, even though it was established independently of the United Nations by its own international treaty i.e. the IAEA Stature, reports to both the United Nations General Assembly and Security Council. Its headquarter is located in Vienna, Austria and has 173-member nations.




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