Human Rights Day 2021

The United Nations General Assembly observes Human Rights Day on December 10, every year.

Key Points

  • The day is observed to raise awareness regarding people’s social, cultural and physical rights as well as to ensure the welfare people across the world.
  • The day encourages nations to create equal opportunities for everyone.
  • It also addresses the issues of exclusion, inequality, and discrimination.


United Nations General Assembly had adopted the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights in 1948. The Allies of World War II, also known as the United Nations, adopted four freedoms viz., freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom from fear and freedom from want. They created the Charter of United Nations on the basis of faith in fundamental human rights. Thus, Universal Declaration of Human Rights is significant and forms one of the bases of the United Nations.

Significance of the day

The Human Rights Day signifies the absolute rights to which all humans are entitled, irrespective of their race, religion, colour, language, sex, political or other opinions, poverty, national or social origin, birth or another status. Equality and non-discrimination are at the heart of human rights. Human Rights Day has become more significant in the aftermath of covid-19, as it has deepened poverty and raised inequality, discrimination & other gaps in human rights protection.

Theme of the day

The Human Rights Day in year 2021 was observed under the theme- “Equality, reducing inequalities, advancing human rights.”

UN Human Rights Council

The Human Rights Council consists of 47 elected United Nations Member States. These states are empowered to prevent inequality, protect the most vulnerable, abuses & discrimination, and punish the perpetrators of human rights violations. Council was established by the United Nations General Assembly on March 15, 2006 for replacing the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. It has been strongly criticized for including member countries which engage in human rights abuses.




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