Himachal Pradesh Integrated Drug Prevention Policy

The Himachal Pradesh Government has recently announced that Integrated Drug Prevention, Treatment, Management and Rehabilitation Programme is to be framed soon.

Integrated Drug Prevention Policy

The following are the Key Features of the policy:

  • The policy will be named as “State Policy of Drug Prevention, Treatment, Management and Rehabilitation Programme”.
  • The policy aims to increase cooperation between police, media and the Nasha Nivaran Board to curb the menace of drug abuse in the state.
  • Six Drug de-addiction centres are to be opened in Himachal Pradesh.
  • Standard of Operating Procedure is to be framed to control and regulate already functioning integrated rehabilitation centres for addicts and de-addiction centres.
  • Official surveys will be conducted to learn about the pattern of drug production, diversion of psychotropic substances. This will include precursors and magnitude of drug production in the state.
  • State-wise drug awareness campaigns will be started where the elected representatives of Urban Local bodies and Panchayati Raj institutions, NSS volunteers and NCC cadets will be involved.
  • The State Narcotics Control Cell is to be strengthened.
  • The new strategy of the State Government will mainly focus on drugs derived from plant sources such as opium and cannabis. The State Government has taken immense measures against the cultivation of drug generating plants. The State Government had also deployed Sahastra Seema Bal to address the issues in the high-altitude regions. The State Government also provided modern equipment of cannabis or opium destruction to these forces.
  • The Himachal Pradesh Government is to introduce a chapter on ill-effects of drug abuse in the school syllabus of government schools.
  • A large number of drug peddlers are from the neighbouring states of Himachal Pradesh such as Haryana, Punjab and Uttarakhand. Therefore, the joint initiatives are to be launched under the policy. The Northern States had earlier agreed to share information regarding drug trafficking.




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