HDFC Bank launches SmartUp Unnati programme

The HDFC Bank has launched the “SmartUp Unnati mentoring Programme”. This programme was launched to provide its support to the women entrepreneurs.

About SmartUp Unnati mentoring Programme

This programme was launched on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Under this programme, the senior women leaders from the HDFC Bank with the expertise will mentor the women entrepreneurs so as to help them in achieving their goals in next one year. This programme is available for the existing customers of the bank. The programme will initially target more than 3,000 women entrepreneurs who are associated with the SmartUp programme of the bank. Under the programme, the senior women executive leaders’ will be acting as the sounding board for women entrepreneurs. Thus, it is a programme for women by women.

Significance of the programme

This programme will provide women the access to mentorship and help them in expanding their visions. It will also enable them to scale up their businesses by widening their visions. This, it will encourage the women entrepreneurs to face the challenges which are unique to them.

SmartUp Programme

The SmartUp programme was launched by the HDFC Bank in the year 2018. It is an online mentoring platform which was launched for banking start-ups. Under this programme, HDFC is working with the state governments, incubators and accelerators in a bid to promote the entrepreneurship. The programme recognises the challenge that the entrepreneurs usually face ranging from “accessing credit” to “formulating strategy in the dynamic business environment”.

HDFC Bank Limited

It is an Indian banking and financial services company. It has been headquartered in Mumbai. The bank is the largest private sector bank in India by assets. As of March 2020, the bank is also the largest in India by market capitalisation.




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