Har Ghar Dhyan Campaign

The National Mental Health Survey conducted in 2015-16 says that there are 150 million Indians suffering from mental illness. The numbers are so high because of a lack of awareness about mental illness symptoms. To increase awareness among the public, the Ministry of Culture launched Har Ghar Dhyan Campaign. The campaign will spread the importance of meditation to the public.

Who launched the campaign?

The Ministry of Culture is conducting the campaign along with the Art of Living Foundation. The organization is a non–profit, humanitarian, and educational organization spread across 180 countries.

About the Campaign

During the campaign, the teachers from the organization will conduct meditation classes. The main objective is to empower the youth.

Campaign to follow Jan – Bhagidari model

Jan Bhagidari means the participation of the common public. The model means self-governance. It aims to provide opportunities to every citizen. The campaign aims to preach meditation practices to every youth in the country.

Why meditation for mental health?

Meditation gives peace and helps in balancing emotions. With the increase in nuclear families and advancements in technology, people are living in isolation. Lifestyle changes are increasing stress among the public. Modern generations are moving apart from the roots and traditions inviting mental troubles. Meditation and yogic principles were part of ancient India. And the campaign is trying to revive this ideology back into the social system.




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