Govt sets 100% Digitization target of all Waqf properties in 100 days

Centre government has set a target to achieve 100% Digitization of Waqf properties across country in its 1st 100 days. The announcement in this regard was made by Union Minister of Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi Minister while addressing National Conference of State and Union Territories Waqf Boards in New Delhi. Minister also gave away national awards to waqf boards for excellence in management.

Key Highlights

Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping is being used on a war footing to achieve target.

Reason: As per the government move is aimed at improving infrastructural and financial conditions of waqf boards so that waqf properties can be used for welfare of Muslim community, and encroachment of such properties be prevented.

Government Initiative: Centre is providing 100% funding to waqf boards for various educational and developmental programmes.

Note: National Conference of State and Union Territories Waqf Boards was organised by Central Waqf Council, Union Ministry of Minority Affairs to review progress of waqf related activities.

What are Waqf Boards?

The word waqf literally means detention and in legal context, Waqf means detention or permanent dedication of movable or immovable properties so that its produce/income may always be available for religious or charitable purposes.

When a waqf is created, property is detained or, is tied up forever and thereafter becomes non-transferable. Law of waqf is most important branch of Mohammedan Law for it is interwoven with entire religious, social, and economic life of Muslims.

Under Wakf Act, 1954 (now a sub section the Wakf Act, 1995), Central Wakf Council, India was established in 1964 by Government of India as an Indian statutory body for purpose of advising it on matters pertaining to working of State Wakf Boards and proper administration of the Wakfs in country.



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