Google-Telangana MoU on Using Tech for Development

On 28th April 2022, Google announced that it is collaborating with the state government of Telangana and signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the aim of supporting and accelerating the state’s vision to leverage technology for the purpose of inclusive social development and sustainable economic development.

About the collaboration

  • Under this MoU, Google will be extending Google Career Certificate scholarships to the youngsters of the state to make them job-ready.
  • Google will also be collaborating with the Telangana government to support the state’s women entrepreneurs through business, digital, and financial skills training.
  • Google will also be strengthening the government’s school modernization efforts via learning and digital teaching tools and solutions.
  • The organization will also be looking to support the government’s efforts of using digital technologies in agriculture and improving public transportation.

Increasing Google’s presence in Telangana

Google is committed to expanding and investing in its presence in Telangana. Google unveiled the design of its building at the 7.3-acre site that the company acquired in Gachibowli. This 3 million sq ft building will be prioritizing energy efficiency and sustainability. Since 2017, Google has been working with the state government of Telangana to support the state’s vision of a ‘Digital Telangana.’


Google is committed to address India’s key areas of rapidly-changing digital landscape.




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