Google Start-up School India initiative

On July 6, 2022 the Start-up School India initiative was launched by Google.

About Google Start-up School India Initiative

  • The Start-up School India Initiative was set into motion, with the aim of collecting relevant information on start-up, and building it into a systematic curriculum.
  • This move will extend help to 10,000 start-ups in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.
  • This programme will be held in virtual mode, for nine-weeks.
  • It will include fireside chats between Google collaborators and leaders from the start-up ecosystem.

Topics covered under the initiative

  • The Google Start-up School India initiative will cover topics including fintech, language, job search, social media & networking, business-to-consumer e-commerce and business-to-business e-commerce.
  • Effective product strategy, designing apps for users in Indian Markets, product user value, and user acquisition will also be covered in the instructional modules are other topics to be discussed in the instructional modules of curriculum.

Aim of the initiative

The Start-up School India initiative caters to the early-stage founders with a minimum viable product. It aims to provide flexibility of virtual curriculum. The initiative further provides attendees with pick and choose modules. It will provide entrepreneurs the chances to learn from talk like formalisation of recruitment and what makes a successful founder.

What is the need of start-up schools?

India is the third largest startup ecosystem worldwide. Even though the number of start-ups is huge, 90% of startups got failed in first five years of operation. Start-ups failed due to no control on financial burn, inefficient feedback loops, absence of leadership, and improper demand projections.  Thus, Start-up School India initiative was designed to align efforts in order to expand the start-ups.




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