GoI launches online Data Pool of Human Resources

On April 19, 2020, the Government of India launched Online Data Pool of Human Resources to combat COVID-19.


The GoI launched online data pool at https://covidwarriors.gov.in. It includes AYUSH doctors, health care professionals, volunteers from NSS, NCC, ex-servicemen, etc. The platform consists of district wise and state wise pool of human resources.

The data from this platform shall be used by the authorities to frame contingency plans. The main aim of the platform is to provide complete data about available manpower. The platform along with the earlier launched iGoT module will help in finding solutions to COVID-19 based issues.

iGoT Training

This is a training facility that was launched for capacity building of nurses, doctors, hygiene workers, technicians and AYUSH doctors. iGOT is Integrated Government Online Training.

Other benefits

The Government of India had also constituted 11 Empowered groups to frame plans to address challenges in MSME sector. These groups shall obtain details about the current manpower to learn about The portal can also be used to collect information of volunteers in order to enforce social distancing at public places such as mandis, ration shops, banks, etc.




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