GoI launches GEMINI Device for Disaster Warning

The Government of India launched the GEMINI device that will provide information related to disaster warning. This is exclusively designed for fishermen about disasters when they are 10 to 12 km away from the coast.



GEMINI is Gagan Enabled Mariner’s Instrument for Navigation and Information. It disseminates seamlessly about emergency situations, communication on disaster warnings, potential fishing zones and ocean states forecasts to the fishermen.


GAGAN is GPS Aided Geo Augmented Navigation. It is a step by the Indian Government towards satellite – based navigation services in the country. It provides a navigation system. The satellites GSAT – 8 and GSAT – 10 have GAGAN payloads.

GAGAN covers entire area from Australia to Africa. Apart from this, it also studies the ionospheric behavior over the Indian region.




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