Goa Lokayukta Bill 2011 passed

Goa : Goa Lokayukta Bill 2011 passed

Goa Lokayukta Bill 2011 (which is a modified version of the Goa Lokayukta Bill 2003) was passed in the Goa Legislative Assembly.

Salient features of the bill:-

  • The Bill authorizes the Lokayukta (Ombudsman) to also examine the CM. Lokayukta’s term: 3 years. Lokayukta to be appointed by the Governor on the advice of CM in consultation with the Chief Justice of the High Court and the leader of opposition.
  • Lokayukta or Upa-Lokayukta, shall not be removed from his office except by an order of Governor passed after an address by the State Legislative Assembly supported by majority of the House. 
  • Lokayukta can examine the grievance suo moto or on grievance made to him.
  • The Bill cites that after first round investigation, if Lokayukta detects that there are rational basis for thorough inquiry, he should advance the complaint to the concerned Authority of the Government. 



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