Global Terrorism Index 2019 by IEP

The Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), headquartered in Sydney, Australia is a Global think tank founded in 2007 to develop global and national peace indices.

Global terrorism index 2019 report released by IEP, ranks 163 countries according to the impact of terrorism on factors such as the number of attacks, injuries, damage to property suffered by the country.

This year’s report shows that the number of global deaths from terrorism has reduced by 15.2 % in 2018, but the number of countries affected by extremists have increased as compared to previous years.

71 countries have suffered at least one extremists/terrorism-related death in 2018, while 103 countries recorded at least one terrorist incident.

Highlights of the report

Afghanistan was the most affected country due to terrorism in 2018 causing 7379 deaths, followed by Iraq, Nigeria, Syria, and Pakistan making the top 5 of the countries affected most by terrorism.

India ranked 7th in the list of most affected by terrorism and ranked 3rd in the countries having suffered the greatest number of terrorist attacks.

748 terrorist attacks took place in India in 2018, causing 350 deaths and 540 injuries. Jammu and Kashmir suffered the most with 321 attacks resulting in 123 deaths.



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