Global Collaboration Advanced Vaccinology Training

Indian experts who are managing the programme for national covid-19 immunization are collaborating with specialists from other countries to devise a comprehensive vaccinology-related training programme.


  • In a ‘Global Collaboration Advanced Vaccinology Training’ meeting, the Indian specialists have participated.
  • This meeting was held in Geneva.
  • In this meeting discussions were held regarding the need for a basic vaccinology training module for all the healthcare personnel around the globe to address the present and upcoming healthcare crisis.
  • From around 70 countries, medical professionals participated in this meeting.

Who represented India?

Dr. N.K. Arora, covid-19 working group’s head in the National Immunization Technical Advisory Group (NTAGI) represented India in this meeting. NTAGI makes recommendations for vaccines on the basis of efficacy, disease burden, and cost-effectiveness.

The objective of this meeting

The objective of the ‘Global Collaboration Advanced Vaccinology Training’ meeting was to find ways to facilitate and support training, sharing of best practices, review the impact of covid impact and the ongoing vaccination programmes that are being carried out worldwide, and identify the training needs for facilitating refresher courses.

Discussions that were held in this meeting

In this meeting, discussions were held on the topics such as ways to provide advanced vaccinology education to all the healthcare professionals across the world in the health crisis context, to help address the challenges in the priority areas, and to facilitate information exchange. Also, ways were explored for the collaboration between the different vaccinology courses that will be formalized in the future.




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