Gati Shakti National Master Plan- Key Facts

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a Rs 100 lakh crore national master plan called “Gati Shakti National Master Plan” on October 13, 2021.

Key Points

  • This plan was launched for multi-modal connectivity with the aim of developing infrastructure to reduce logistic costs and boost Indian economy.
  • PM Gati Shakti seeks to cut logistic costs, reduce turnaround time and increase cargo handling capacity.
  • This plan aims to lend more power and speed to projects by connecting all the concerned departments on one platform.
  • Under the plan, infrastructure schemes of several ministries and state governments will be executed and designed with a common vision.

Why this plan was launched?

As per Prime Minister, in the past, taxpayers’ money was insulted through a lethargic approach towards development work. Departments were working in silos. Furthermore, there was no coordination on projects. Thus, this plan was launched under which development will take place incorporating quality infrastructure in a holistic manner. Gati shakti plan joins different departments for a coordinated development of projects including from aviation to agriculture and road to railways.

Logistic Cost

The PM Gati Shakti Plan also aims to reduce logistic cost and turnaround time in the light that, earlier high logistics cost at 13 per cent of GDP in India was impacting its competitiveness in exports. Plan will also give a boost to India as an “investment destination”.

Easy clearances

Under the plan, the private players will get a boost to invest in National infrastructure because of easy clearances and monetary help available to them. This project will also provide last-mile connectivity to the economic zones in a limited timeframe.




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