Flame Virus

Fame Virus recently targeted Middle East. It is one of the most sophisticated pieces of malicious software yet discovered. It has 20 times as much code as the Stuxnet worm that made news in 2010, when it attacked the nuclear programme of Iran. Flame is a complex pack of modules and is almost 20 MB in size. The virus targets the specific organizations to collect the information in various ways as follows:

clip_image001 It scans local network for vulnerable passwords

clip_image001[1] Searches hard drive for specific content

clip_image001[2] Captures screenshot images

clip_image001[3] Uses computer’s microphone to record sounds such as conversations

clip_image001[4] Accesses the Bluetooth communications.

clip_image001[5] Longs in to the instant messaging conversations and emails

clip_image001[6] It can transfer the saved data to network of 80 servers across Asia, Europe and North America.

The infected memory chips, websites or emails can carry Flame.

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