First Trial run of Double Stack Train

On December 28, 2019, a trial run of the first freight train was conducted in the western dedicated freight corridor. The train was flagged off by Dedicated Freight Corporation India Limited (DFCIL).


The train will be operated in the Rewari-Madar Section in Haryana and Rajasthan states. DFCIL is currently running freight trains at speed of 75 kilometre per hour. The speed is to be increased to 100 kilometre per hour.

The double stack train is currently run only in countries such as China, Brazil, Australia, Canada, USA, Russia, South Africa, Sweden and Norway.

Recently railways have been taking several steps towards modernization. Recently, there has been changes in the administration of railways as well.

Unification of existing Railway services

The Union Government has planned for the unification of eight services of Indian Railways from junior level to HAG+. The move was made on 27th December, 2019. Other administrative decisions are also being implemented based on the recommendations made by Prakash Tandon Committee (1994).




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