February 24: Central Excise Day

Every year, on February 24, the Central Excise Day is being celebrated by Central Board of Excise and Customs all over India. The day is being celebrated to honour the service of Central Board of Excise and Custom (CBEC) to the country.


The day is also celebrated to honour the officers associated with CBEC and their services. This is done to encourage the officers to carry out their duties with utmost sincerity. The officers, every year perform checking of corruption in goods from manufacturing sector.


The say is celebrated to commemorate the legislation of Central Excise and Salt act in 24 February, 1944.


The CBEC operates under Ministry of Finance. It deals with policy formulation related to collection of service tax and central excise and duties. It is also responsible for the checking the implementation of Customs act, 1962, Central Excise Act 1944, Customs Tariff Act 1975 and Service Tax Act.




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