FCRA license to 4,139 NGOs cancelled

4,139 NGOs, most of them located in Tamil Nadu, will now be prohibited from receiving contributions from foreign sources. These NGOs have lost their Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) registration as they violated the FCRA. 19% of the total NGOs blocked are based in Tamil Nadu, state witnessing protests against the Kudankulam Nuclear power plant.

Why this move?

  • As per the Govt, NGOs in TamilNadu allegedly funded the protest against the Kudankulam plant.

What is FCRA?

  • Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) clearance is mandatory for an NGO to receive any contribution from overseas.

Some Facts:

  • India has a total of about 43,451 registered NGOs.
  • Tamil Nadu has the largest number of NGOs.



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  • muralidharan


    The decision of the Government to engage to NGO in implementing the Government programme is nothing to just get the bills and just sharing the amount with officers and NGO. i have sufficient proof with me against many NGOs and their Heads are just playing drama that they are dedicated social worker. Therefore, it is vary late decision of the government to cancel the FCRA.

    Let the Government have strict vigilence on the officer of their implementing agencies and NGO and be caution on their wealth.

  • santos karki

    I believe there should be a watchdog that strictly monitors the funds received from foreign sources. There have been a lot many instances where the funds have been misused.
    There are just a few NGOs (you can count them on your fingertips) that work for the upliftment of the societies in the real sense, for the rest it’s a way to earn easy money.
    The decision of the govt. to cancell the licenses of these so called NGOs is an applaudable step.

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