FASTER (Fast and Secured Transmission of Electronic Records)

The Fast and Secured Transmission of Electronic Records (FASTER) software has been launched by the Chief Justice of India NV Ramana so that court orders can be transmitted securely and swiftly via electronic mode thus ensuring that judicial orders can be communicated quickly.


  • Through the use of this software orders that were passed by the high courts (HC) and the Supreme Court (SC) will be transmitted safely without any third-party interference.
  • 73 nodal officers have been nominated at the HC level and jail authorities have also been selected through a network of judicial communication.
  • For this software a secure pathway email id has also been established.

Usage of this software

Bail orders will be communicated via FASTER and for authentication purposes, it will have the digital signatures of the notified nodal officers of the SC as well as the Institutional digital signatures. In this manner, without much loss of time, bail orders would be received by all the concerned parties and quick necessary actions will be taken at their end. Communication will be restricted to the holders of email ids thus ensuring safety, confidentiality, and security. A total of 1,887 email ids of the selected nodal officers have been connected.

Need for such software

In the past, it was seen that even after bail orders were passed, inmates were not released by the prison authorities as the hard copies of the certified bail orders reached late. Thus, this software was implemented so that Article 21, Right to Life, could be implemented swiftly and the bail orders are executed on time.




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