Factsheet: Initiatives to deal with cyber crimes against women

Data suggests that Every second, one woman in India gets tricked to be a victim of cyber crimes. The online platform has now become an avenue where a woman’s dignity, privacy and security is increasingly being challenged every moment. Hence to address the cybercrimes against women, the government has initiated the following initiatives:

Cyber Crime Prevention against Women and Children (CCPWC) portal

The portal launched by Ministry of Home Affairs, allows citizens to lodge complaints on objectionable online content related to child pornography, child sexual abuse material and sexually explicit material such as rape and gang rape without disclosing their identity.
The portal allows the complainants to upload objectionable content and URL to assist in the investigation by State Police. National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) will proactively identify such objectionable content on receiving complainants and take it up with intermediaries for its removal from the online platforms.

Cyber Crime Reporting Portal

The Cyber Crime Reporting Portal is an initiative of the Ministry of Home Affairs under the National Mission for the safety of women to facilitate victims/complainants to report cybercrime complaints online.



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