Experts call to revisit ban on Plastic in Tami Nadu

The government of Tamil Nadu on World Environment day 2018 on 5th June had announced that it would ban the use of plastic items, including non-biodegradable bags, from January 1, 2019, with some exceptions. Plastic was allowed only for only milk, oil, medicine packets and other items of basic needs.
The ban was announced by the Chief Minister under Rule 110 of the state Assembly which allows the chief minister to make announcements without a debate in the House.

Why calls to revisit the decision of ban on Plastics?

Those demanding a revisit argue that

  • Elimination of single-use plastic by 2020 is perfectly fine, but a total ban on plastic will cause harm for both industry and the common man.
  • The proposed ban in Tamil Nadu would hit over 5,000 plastic industries across the State and investment close to Rs 3,000 crore turning idle.
  • Tamil Nadu would incur an annual loss of around Rs 18000 crore.

Experts say that it is not the plastics which have become a problem. It is the way in which human beings deal with disposable plastics is the real cause for concern. It is only the disposable kind that harms the environment.

Way Ahead

Experts suggest way ahead through the change in attitude which is possible through knowledge and information dissipation. They suggest productive use of budget allocation towards advertisements to stop plastic by setting up centres for the collection of plastic bags.




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