Exercise ‘Kharga Prahar-2019’ carried out by Indian Army in Punjab

The Indian Army and Indian Air Force (IAF) has jointly carried out a week-long special training exercise “Kharga Prahar-2019” in the plains of Punjab. The exercise, which began on May 27, was undertaken by various units and formations of Army’s Kharga Corps. The exercise setting also incorporated aspects of joint training wherein para drops from Indian Air Force (IAF) aircraft were carried out and simulated battlefield air strikes were conducted in support of ground forces. Ambala-based 2-Corpa, popularly called as Kharga Corps, possesses 50% of the Indian Army’s offensive capabilities and has the mandate to launch offensive attack, in case any conflict or war breaks out with neighbouring Pak. Integrated with multiple military formations, Kharga has proved an effective weapon in various wars. In 1971, while positioned in West, it helped in division of Pakistan. The elite force was deployed somewhere in the desert sector during the Kargil conflict. The Kharga Corps has been stationed at Ambala since 1985.


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