Ex SAMPRITI-X: India Bangladesh Joint Military Exercise

Joint Military Exercise between India and Bangladesh, Ex SAMPRITI-X, was started from June 5, 2022 at Jashore Military Station in Bangladesh. It will be concluded on June 16, 2022.


  • The Ex SAMPRITI-X is being conducted with the aim of strengthening interoperability between both the armies and to understand each other’s operational techniques and tactical drills.
  • Indian contingent is being represented by the Battalion of DOGRA Regiment.
  • During the exercise, armies of India and Bangladesh will share expertise in simulated scenarios of Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief, Counter Terrorism, and UN Peacekeeping Force under the mandate of United Nation.
  • It is an important bilateral defence cooperation, that is conducted by both the countries alternately.

India-Bangladesh relations

Diplomatic relations between India and Bangladesh started in 1971, after India recognised the independence of Bangladesh. Bilateral relations have been characterised as a special relationship. However, some disputes remain unresolved. Both the countries signed land boundary agreement June 6, 2015 settling the decades old border disputes. They are still negotiating over the sharing of transboundary river waters. In recent years, anti-India sentiments are rising in Bangladesh, because of government’s perceived anti-Muslim and anti-Bangladeshi activities such as Killings of Bangladeshis by Indian BSF, India’s interference in Bangladeshi politics, rise of Hindutva in India, and Citizenship Amendment Act, besides India’s reluctance in solving water disputes with Bangladesh.

Recent Cooperation

Amid the covid-19 pandemic, Bangladesh started mass COVID-19 vaccinations with Serum Institutes of India’s Covishield vaccines on 7 February 2021.Bangladesh procured 7 million doses while India gifted 3.3 million doses. In April 2021, Bangladesh sent medical equipment and medicines to India due to 2nd COVID-19 wave in India.  The relief package comprised of around 10,000 vials of Remdesivir anti-viral injections, 30,000 PPE kits, and several thousand zinc, vitamin C, calcium, and other necessary tablets.




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