Elimination of Brothers by Aurangzeb

Elimination of Brothers by Aurangzeb

After Muhammad had safely locked Shah Jahan in the fort, Aurangzeb entered Agra and seized Dara’s house and the treasure. He now launched a campaign to pursue Dara.

Murad Baksh who was now enjoying the mock sovereignty was found drunk one day and Aurangzeb put this violator of Islam into Chains. He was secretly sent to a prison and was executed 3 years later.

After the defeat in the Battle of Samugarh, Dara fled to Agra and from there to Delhi and from Delhi to Lahore. From Lahore he went to Multan and crossing the Runns of Gujarat he reached Kathiawar where the governor Shah Nawaz Hussain helped him to raise new forces.

He occupied Surat and then went to Ajmer on midway unsuccessfully persuading Jaswant Singh to help him in the cause. He met with Aurangzeb’s army at Deorain near Ajmer again in 1659 but Dara again got defeated. The luckless prince again fled to Multan and sought asylum to one Malik Jiwan who betrayed him, arrested him and handed over to Aurangzeb. Aurangzeb executed him in the same year on the charges of heresy.

Dara was executed. Shah Jahan was locked up. Murad was also waiting inside the prison for the doomsday. Next was Shah Shuja. Aurangzeb sent an imperial army under Mir Jiwan to pursue him. He was defeated by the imperial army. He along with his family fled to Arakan (Now in Myanmar) . The ruler of Arakan gave him asylum and allowed him a house to stay there, but there was a fight over his daughter who had infatuated the King of Arakan. The quarrel started and Shah Shuja along with the family was tortured to death.

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