Ecuador’s New Species of Orchid

Researchers have discovered an astounding new species of orchid in the cloud rainforest of Northern Ecuador.

Key Facts

  • It has been scientifically named Maxillaria anacatalina-portillae.
  • This plant is unique with its showy, intense yellow flowers.
  • It was described by Polish orchidologists in association with an Ecuadorian company working in in orchid research, cultivation and supply.
  • The discovery was aided by local commercial nursery, involved in cultivating these orchids.

Critically Endangered Species

Orchid is known from a restricted area in Carchi province. It is presumed to be a critically endangered species, because its rare populations already experience ill-effects of climate change and human activity.

Genus Maxillaria

In the past few years, scientists have been working on classification and species delimitations within Neotropical genus Maxillaria. It is one of the biggest genera in orchid family. Scientists have investigated materials deposited in most of the world’s herbarium collections in Europe and America. They conducted several field trips in South America to search astonishing plants.The first specimens of Maxillaria anacatalina-portillae were collected in 2003 in Maldonado, Carchi Province of northern Ecuador.

About Orchidaceae

Orchidaceae are commonly called the orchid family. It is a diverse and widespread family of flowering plants. Its blooms are often colourful and fragrant. They are one among two largest families of flowering plants. Orchidaceae have around 28,000 currently accepted species. They are distributed in 763 genera.




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