E-Sampada Mobile Application

The Ministry of Urban Affairs recently launched a new mobile application and a portal called “E-Sampada”. The application provides a single window for services such as allotment for more than one lakh Government residential accommodations and office space allotment to Government organisations.

The allotment of Government residential accommodation is administered by Directorate of Estates. The portal was launched by Directorate of Estates that operates under Ministry of Urban Affairs.

About E-Sampada

  • In order to achieve the objectives of ‘’One Nation, One System”, four websites eawas.nic.in, gpra.nic.in, estates.gov.in and holidayhomes.nic.in and two mobile applications such as m-Ashoka5 and m-Awas have been integrated as one. This will pave way for the entities to receive all the services under one platform.
  • The application will promote ease of living for government officers and departments.
  • The automated processes in the system will lead to greater transparency.
  • It also allows the user to lodge complaints, appear for virtual hearing and submit documents.
  • The application will help reduce administration cost, resources and also will save time.
  • Also, the Chatbot facility has been provided for better user experience.
  • Activity log and service level benchmarks have been incorporated to ensure accountability.


The Government of India has been promoting “One Nation One System” at a large scale. Under this system, the One Nation One Ration Card has been implemented by twenty-eight states so far. One Nation One Grid has been launched to connect power stations and major substations in the country. This will ensure that electricity generated anywhere in the country can be used to satisfy the demand elsewhere.

Also, the concept of “One Nation, One Election” is being pushed. Under this, both state and central elections will be held together. This is being pushed as it will reduce election expenditure greatly.

Recently, the Government of India announced that the Central Investment Cell will be launched by April 2021. The cell will make sure that the investor gets all the required information and clearances under one platform. It will act as an One-Stop Digital Platform.




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