Duare Sarkar: West Bengal New Public Outreach Campaign

‘Duare Sarkar” outreach programme was launched by the Bengal Government. Under the programme, camps are to be organised at local body levels. In cities the camps are to be organised by corporations and at village level it is to be organised by Gram Panchayats. The Local Bodies will host camps between December 1, 2020 and January 30, 2020. Through these camps the State Government will take the Government Services to the doorstep of the Bengal people.

In simple words, the people of Bengal can avail the benefits of different Government schemes through the camps being set up under the programme. The flagship schemes included under the program are Kanyashree, Sikshashree and Khadya Sathi. It also includes other schemes such as Rupashree, Taposili Bondhu, Akhyashree and MGNREGS.

Duare Sarkar means Government at Doorstep.

 What are the schemes included in Duare Sarkar Campaign?

  • The Kanyashree is a cash transfer programme that aims to retain girls in school and prevent early marriage.
  • The Khadya Sathi program aims to make sure that 90% of population comes under food security.
  • The Sikshashree programme offers one-time grant to the scheduled tribes and scheduled caste students studying from class 5 to class 8.
  • Under the Rupashree program a one-time financial grant of 25, 000 rupees is provided to economically weaker sections of the society during their daughter’s marriage.
  • The Jai Johar scheme works for the betterment of the scheduled tribes.
  • The Taposili Bondhu is pension scheme for the scheduled caste people.
  • The Akhyashree programme provide scholarships to students belonging to minority communities in the state

Apart from these schemes, the campaign will also focus on schemes related to pensions, widow, persons with disabilities.

What is the plan?

The camps being set up under the programme will deliver the benefits of different government schemes and services. The Standard of Operating procedure for the programme was prepared by the West Bengal Government. The camp is to be held in four phases. The experience of one phase is to be used to deliver the services in the subsequent phases.




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