DGCA Surveillance Plan

A surveillance mechanism has been rolled out by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCS) with the aim of identifying non–compliance with flight safety standards and alerting the authorities that are authorized for taking urgent corrective action to resolve the deficiencies.


  • The newly launched surveillance programme involves experts from various stakeholders in this field like non–scheduled and scheduled airlines operators, design and manufacturing organisations, aircraft maintenance organisations, and flying training schools.
  • These guidelines were first issued in the year 2009 and they were revised and reissued on 15th April 2022.

The focus of this initiative

This initiative’s primary focus is to find any non–compliance with applicable requirements that lowers the safety standard and seriously affects flight safety. Such identified deficiencies will be conveyed in a standardised “Deficiency Reporting Form” that would be explaining the issues and will also be specifying the regulatory provision against which the reported observation has been made. The airline or the concerned agency would then respond promptly by coming up with a solution to rectify the reported deficiency. Any corrective action plan that only resolves the immediate concern without rectifying the system, thus ensuring that a similar problem doesn’t come up in the future, will not be accepted as a permanent resolution.

Resolution period

Any non–compliance with safety standards that are identified during the surveillance inspection must be addressed by the concerned party immediately and must also be intimated to the DGCA. In case the concerned organizations, for any justified reasons, are not in a position to implement the corrective measures within the specified 30 days’ timeframe, a further 15 days extension can be granted to them by the DGCA.




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