Democrats eyeing 150 seats in Thailand Elections

Abhisit Vejjajiva, the leader of the Democrats in Thailand’s oldest political party has stated that he wants his party to be at the centre of government after the elections which happened on Sunday after 5 years of military rule when they had seized control of the nation in 2014 after a lengthy period of street protest. Vejjajiva wants his party to move over all kinds of conflicts which have occurred in the past and establish a new civil government which will be able to amend the system which has been erected by the military under the command of General Prayuth Chan-ocha.

The military has introduced sweeping changes in the whole system. It has brought into a place a new Constitution, have completely revamped the electoral system and also framed a 20-year plan of development which has to be adhered to all the future governments. All these measures, and even the presence of the repressive laws will make sure the influence of military is continued over the Thailand’s politics. It has been learnt that Prayuth wants to remain in power as a civilian prime minister.

Vejjajiva had been the prime minister in 2008 with the backing of military and had also led the deadly crackdown on protestors two years later. He has now stated that the Democrat Party has absolutely no interest in acting as the kingmaker. He has said that after Prayuth is removed from the current power position, only a party of elected MPs will be left which will not include any of the current members of the government. HE is also of the view that sticking to the 20-year plan will not be possible without making necessary changes and introducing the desired flexibility. He stated that the primary responsibility of the new government will be to initiate measures to resurrect the economy and also introduce the necessary changes which will help Thailand to deal with an aging society and also structural inequality.

He acknowledges the fact that Thailand has lost a whole decade of opportunities wrapped in political conflicts and the next if any will come from the fact that if the current regime resorts to unfair practices to stay in power. He is also of the view that the Constitution can also be a potent recipe for increased instability.



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