Delhi Streetscraping Project

The Delhi Government is to begin a redeveloping, streetscaping and beautification project. Around 540 km of roads in the national capital are to be beautified.

About the project

  • Under the project, the roads in the country capital will be redeveloped to European standards, that is, 30 metres or above. Also, the project will make the roads safe for the pedestrians.
  • The project will make the roads balanced for the transit vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.
  • The project is to be implemented in Hybrid Annuity Mode. It is to be implemented by the Public Welfare Department of Delhi.
  • The government will pay 60% of the project cost to the agencies implementing the project. The rest is to be paid in thirty bi – annual instalments in hybrid annual mode. Also, the agencies will look after the maintenance of these roads.

What is the plan?

The Public Welfare Department of Delhi has appointed nine consultants. These consultants will advise the government on streetscaping. Also, the consultants will analyse the data, study the traffic patterns and will frame solutions. Also, they will make sure the roads are sustainable and lay within equitable spaces.

Why is the project launched?

According to the Centre for Science and Environment, the national capital faces highest number of fatal accidents. On an average, five deaths occur in Delhi due to road accidents in a day. This is mainly because the road width is irregular all over the city. Also, in some places the extra spaces along the road sides are not utilised properly.


Each road in the capital is unique and different. The project will realign the roads. It will provide equal space for pedestrians. All the Delhi roads will have special lanes for cycles under the project. Also the project will allocate spaces for toilets, water coolers, green spaces, rainwater harvesting systems, libraries, street furniture, e – rickshaw and last mile connectivity.




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