Delhi: Incentives for e-Cycles

The government of Delhi has decided to incentivize e-cycles under the Electric Vehicle (EV) policy.  This will include cargo and passenger e-cycles having speeds less than 25 km/hour.


  • To the first 10,000 buyers, 25 percent off of MRP up to Rs 5,500 as a purchase incentive will be provided.
  • To the first 1000 individual owners of e-cycles, an additional incentive of Rs 2,000 will be provided.
  • A purchase incentive of 33 percent of MRP up to Rs 15,000 per vehicle will also be provided by the government to the first 5,000 e-cargo cycles buyers to support e-commerce drivers and food delivery.
  • With all these incentives, Delhi has become the first state/UT to promote e-cycle in the nation.

Scrapping incentives

Scrapping incentives will also be provided to the buyers of cargo e-cycles and e-cycles. The incentive under Scrapping Incentive will be up to Rs 3,000 per vehicle, for the purpose of deregistering and scrapping old two-wheelers that are registered in Delhi.

Why are these incentives being provided?

These incentives are being provided to create a much-needed demand for e-cycles. The government of Delhi through all these incentives is planning to make Delhi the ‘EV Capital of India’.

Electric Vehicles Sale in Delhi

Under the EV policy, in Delhi, to date around 46,000 EVs have been sold. Also, in March 2022, 12.6 percent of all electric vehicle sales were contributed by Delhi thus having the highest contribution in sale of electric vehicle.




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