DBT Bharat Portal

On the DBT Bharat Portal 313 centrally sponsored and central sector schemes from 53 different ministries have been onboarded with the aim of ensuring that the beneficiaries are accurately targeted.

About DBT Programme

This initiative was launched by the Indian government on 1st January 2013 to make reforms to the government’s delivery system. This initiative’s vision is to aid in a simpler and faster flow of funds and information to the beneficiaries across the nation.

Aim of the DBT Programme

The aim of the Direct Benefits Transfer (DBT) programme is to bring transparency to the subsidies transferred to the beneficiaries across the country through their bank accounts. It also looks to reduce fraud in the delivery system.

Number of DBT transfers done across the nation

For cash-based DBTs, there were 70.6 crore beneficiaries and for kind-based DBTs, there were 74.1 crore beneficiaries in 2019-20. For 2020-21 the cash-based DBTs were 98 crores and kind-based DBTs were 81.9 crores.

About the Central Plan Scheme Monitoring System (CPSMS)

The CPSMS is being implemented by the Controller General of Accounts office. It serves the purpose of a common platform for routing of Direct Benefit Transfers. The beneficiary list can also be prepared by taking the help of the CPSMS, digitally signing, and by using the Aadhaar Payment Bridge, payments are also being processed in the beneficiary’s bank accounts.




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