CSIR: Clinical Trial of “Sepsivac” drug on critically ill COVID-19 patients

On April 22, 2020, the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research announced that it is to go for clinical trials on critically ill COVID-19 patients.


The Drugs Controller General of India recently approved the trial of “Sepsivac”. The drug is available commercially. With the DCGI approving the drug, CSIR is to start clinical trials of the drug.

Currently, India is working on the strategy of repurposing of drugs.


The drug is used to treat Gram Negative Sepsis patients. The symptoms and ailments of both critically ill COVID-19 patients and Gram Negative Sepsis patients are almost similar.

The immune response of these patients is altered with a massive change in Cytokine profile. The major cause of death of COVID-19 patients is cytokine storm. During the cytokine storm, the immune system of the body starts attacking both infected and uninfected cells.


Cytokines are produced in human body in response to infections. There are different types of cytokines. They are interferons, lymphokines, interleukins and tumor necrosis.




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