Constructive Vote of No-confidence

The concept of Constructive Vote of No-confidence is widely discussed in the context of One Nation, One Poll. Constructive Vote of No-confidence which is in practice in Germany is seen as a potential tool to ensure the sustainability of the concept of One Nation, One Poll.

Provisions in Germany

  • Article 67 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany sets conditions for moving a no-confidence motion against the Chancellor.
  • It states that the Parliament may express its lack of confidence in the Chancellor only by electing a successor by the vote of a majority and requesting the Federal President to dismiss the Chancellor.
  • Article 68 states that if a motion of the Chancellor for a vote of confidence is not supported by a majority of members, the President on the request of the Chancellor may dissolve the Parliament (Bundestag) within 21 days.
  • The right of dissolution shall lapse if the Parliament elects another Chancellor by a majority vote.

Objectives of the Constructive Vote of No-confidence

It allows Parliament to withdraw confidence from a head of government only if there is a majority in favour for a prospective successor, it narrows the scope of the Opposition to overthrow the government at will and necessitate elections before the government ends its term.

The provision provides for a fixed five-year-tenure for the House. The government will be presumed to have a majority unless another grouping is in a position to demonstrate that they have greater numbers.


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