Conservation of Migratory Species

New species were added to the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species (CMS). This brings the total number of migratory species from India to 457.

  • Newly added Species:

Currently, out of the more than 650 species listed by the CMS as migratory, 457 are from India. The newest addition to this list are the Great Indian Bustard, Bengal Florican, Asian Elephant, Oceanic White-tipped Shark, Urial and the Smooth Hammerhead Shark.

  • Migratory Birds:

Most of the migratory birds listed from India are birds. They constitute 80% of the species figured on the list (i.e. 380 species). Of these, the highest number of listed species are from family Muscicapidae (Old World Flycatchers). The next highest is the family Accipitridae (birds of prey).

  • Migratory Fishes:

There are 24 species of migratory fishes from India that are recognised by the CMS. The newly added Oceanic White-tipped Shark is a critically endangered species of requiem sharks (sharks that are migratory and live-bearing). The Smooth Hammerhead is considered a vulnerable species and is one of the largest of hammerhead sharks.

  • Migratory Mammals:

There are currently 46 species of migratory mammals from India that are listed in the CMS. The recent additions are the Asian Elephant and the Urial which is a wild sheep found in the Ladakh region. Largest number of listed species are from the family Vespertilionidae (bats), followed by Dolphins.


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