Colexion: Largest Licenced NFT Platform

Colexion, largest licenced NFT (non-fungible tokens) platform, announced the formal public lunch on September 10, 2021.


  • Colexion is a NFT platform for Sports, Entertainment & Art.
  • NFTs are the next billion-dollar evolution, that clearly states that digital ecosystem of sport, entertainment & art is perhaps the biggest thing to happen in upcoming years.
  • Collectors and investors worldwide own collections of varied set of memorabilia which have been appreciated much over decades.
  • This platform will soon enable the users to buy, sell and trade NFTs of their favourite superstars. It has also started a user pre-registration program.

What is Colexion?

Colexion is an NFT trading and community platform. It provides users with trade, purchase, and interactive activities. It will feature NFT collections of global stars. Through this platform, users would be able to buy different tiers of blind boxes and own celebrity’s limited NFT collections. Each NFT collectible comprise of a unique record on the blockchain. Users will obtain ownership of this unique NFT collectible by purchasing it on the platform or trading on the Colexion marketplace. Colexion will accept general payment methods like credit cards in order to make it easy for mainstream consumers to participate.

Feature on Colexion

Colexion will feature stars from field like sports, arts, entertainment, and other industries celebrities. Global sports stars will be the main partners in initial phase of the launch.

Aim of the Colexion

Colexion has been launched with the aim of creating a significant entrance to virtual reality by means of NFT collections, trading, and community platforms. It will bring the Novel technology world through NFT.




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