Central Advisory Board of Archaeology

The Central Government is to reconstitute the Central Advisory Board of Archaeology (CABA).

Role of CABA

The board advises Government of India on matters related to archaeology. It acts a link between universities and Archaeological Survey of India. It promotes researches and help in training future archaeologists. Also, the board will help to develop archaeological sites in the country.

What is the recent issue?

The Tamil Nadu MPs objected the formation of a 16 – member advisory board of archaeology. According to them, the board did not have representatives from minorities, south India, north East India, women and dalits. The GoI has accepted the request of the MPs and is reconstituting the board.


There is a long ongoing issue around excavations in Keezhadi, Tamil Nadu. The project is excavating Sangam age settlement. According to the tamil archaeologists, the Sangam Age settlement dates back to ages before Indus Valley civilization. Thus, Tamil culture is older than the Indus valley civilization. But the ASI believes that it is not so. The issue was politicized. The state MPs alleged the central government for transferring the Superintending Archaeologist K Amarnath Ramakrishnan to Guwahati circle. Also, the funding to the excavations was delayed. The context of the recent issue is the same.

About Keezhadi excavations

The excavations found 48 square pits, brick walls, pottery, artefacts, skeletal tools, iron vel, roof tiles. Also, the excavations found canals, sewage system, ring wells, Tamil Brahmi script, graffiti marks, ornaments and antiquities.




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