New campus of Centre for Marine Living Resources and Ecology Inaugurated

Union Minister for Earth Sciences, Dr Harsh Vardhan inaugurated Atal Bhavan,  the new campus of Centre for Marine Living Resources and Ecology (CMLRE), at Puthuvype, Cochin, in Kerala.

Centre for Marine Living Resources & Ecology

The Centre for Marine Living Resources & Ecology (CMLRE) under the Ministry of Earth Science is organizing, coordinating and promoting ocean development activities in the country which includes mapping of the living resources, preparing inventory of commercially exploitable living marine resources, their optimum utilization through ecosystem management and R&D in basic sciences on Marine Living Resources and Ecology.

Mandate of CMLRE
  • To develop management strategies for marine living resources through Ecosystem monitoring and modelling efforts.
  • Evolving, coordinating and implementing time targeted national /regional R&D programmes in the field of marine living resources and ecology through effective utilisation of Fishery and Oceanographic Research Vessel Sagar Sampada.
  • Strengthening of research on marine living resources and Ecology including the establishment of a data centre for storage and dissemination of data/ information to end users.
  • Coordinating the national programmes relating to Southern Ocean Living Resources (Antarctic marine living resources).

CMLRE was established at Kochi in 1998 by upgrading the erstwhile Sagar Sampada Cell with exclusive facilities for implementing the Marine Living Resources Programme.
Marine Living Resources Programme envisages survey, assessment and exploitation of the marine living resources and studies on the response of marine resources to changes in the physical environment. The studies are undertaken with an objective of developing an ecosystem model for the management of the living resources in the Indian EEZ. The Fishery Oceanographic Vessel Sagar Sampada is fully utilized for these studies.




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