CAF World Giving Index 2021- Highlights

Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) World Giving Index 2021 was published recently, in which India found the place among top-20 generous countries.

Key findings of the report

  • India has been ranked at the 14th spot. Its rank has improved up from the 10-year global rank of 82.
  • CAF report notes that, India is one of the fastest climbers on the Index.
  • According to the report, 61% Indians have helped a stranger during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.
  • 36% of Indians donated money.
  • 34% Indians volunteered for social causes in India.

Scenario across the world

  • According to CAF survey, communities across the world have mobilised to help fellow citizens during covid-19 pandemic. It resulted in the highest ‘helped a stranger’ figures since 2009.
  • 55% of the world’s adults (that is 3 billion people) were reported helping someone they didn’t know in 2020.
  • 31% people donated money in 2020 as compared to donations in last five years.
  • Levels of volunteering in 2020 are broadly unchanged globally.
  • Developed countries such as the USA, the UK, Canada, Ireland, and the Netherlands were out of the highest ranking.
  • Australia and New Zealand maintained their top-10 ranking.
  • Poor countries like Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana found place among top-10 generous countries in CAF 2021 index.

Which is the most generous country?

The most generous country across the world is Indonesia. Indonesia has been ranked at first position in the CAF Index this year. Indonesia is followed by Kenya, Nigeria, Myanmar, Australia, Ghana, New Zealand, Uganda, Kosovo and Thailand in that order. In the year 2019, US was ranked at top position.




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