BSF: Operation Sard Hawa

The Border Security Force, BSF launches Operation Sard Hawa. Under the operation, the BSF increases the surveillance in the Pakistan border. It is usually launched in the Rajasthan border, especially in the Jaisalmer region. It is a regular annual exercise. It is launched in the month of January.

About the operation

  • The Operation Sard Hawa is conducted during winters and Operation Garam Hawa is conducted during summers. These operations are held to control the infiltration in the borders. During winters thick fog blocks the vision in the border area. This scenario is highly advantageous for the terrorists to cross the border. It is essential for the security forces to stay alert during this season. The BSF conducts Operation Sard Hawa during winter for this reason. This year, the Operation Sard Hawa is to be conducted between January 23 and January 28.
  • The Operation is also launched to keep a hawk’s eye and enhance the security before republic day celebrations.

How is Operation Sard Hawa conducted?

The officers and personnel stay close the border. Frequent patrolling are conducted. The intelligence wing is kept on active mode during the operation. The number of soldiers deployed in the border is increased. The soldiers patrol the areas near police stations with advanced weapons. Also, the Jawans monitor the border areas in camels, foot point trekking. They also check on pedestrian intruders.


The cease fire violations have dipped in the borders recently. During such times, the Pakistan army uses proxy wars to attack India. Therefore, it is essential for the border security force to stay on high alert. This is why Operation Sard Hawa is important.

Operation Garam Hawa

This is held during summers. This is also held in Rajasthan. The infiltration chances are high during heat wave conditions. This operation like the Operation Sard Hawa is conducted by the Border Security Force. It is usually held in the month of May or June when the heat waves are extreme. It reinforces and strengthens the Border Security Force and its activities in the border.




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