Bridge over Teesta River

The BRO or Border Roads Organisation recently unveiled a bridge, over River Teesta, connecting North Sikkim with the rest of the country.

About the Bridge

The bridge was constructed under the Project Swastik of BRO. It is a bailey suspension bridge that is 360 feet long. It was constructed in place of a 180 feet steel bridge that was damaged by a massive cloud burst in June 2019

Connectivity Issue in Sikkim

Movement in Sikkim is largely dependent on roadways. The region’s weather is a major impediment to local transport. Transport of people and even the defence forces is often blocked by cloud bursts, flash floods and landslides. The 2019 damage to the bridge had led to rerouting of traffic through restricted army lands. The five year Long Term Roll on Works Plan (LTRoWP) has been approved by the government to improve road connectivity in the north-east.

Border Roads Organisation

BRO or Border Roads Organisation is a road construction organisation functioning under the Union Ministry of Defence. Its objective is to provide connectivity in remote and inaccessible parts of the country’s border area. The organisation’s staff are sourced from the Indian Army.

Teesta River

River Teesta is a Himalayan River that arises from the Pahunri Glacier or the Teesta Kangse in Eastern Himalayas. Apart from Sikkim and West Bengal, it also flows through Bangladesh, before draining into the Bay of Bengal. There are several hydroelectric projects on this river, including the Teesta V Dam.


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