Boeing 737 MAX makes emergency landing in Orlando

Boeing 737 MAX jet successfully made an emergency landing in Florida, US after there was a reported engine problem as per the Federal Aviation Administration. An emergency was declared by the crew as the aircraft took off from the Orlando International Airport. There were no passengers on board, as the airline was ferrying the aircraft to Victorville, California where Southwest Airlines is storing the aeroplane due to a nationwide ban on the commercial flights.

The 737 MAX have been grounded in US after the deadly crash of March 10 in Ethiopia in which all people on-board were killed. It was the second fatal crash which involved the same model of Boeing after the Indonesian Lion Air Crash last year. The airlines operating in US have been allowed to shuttle the planes but they cannot carry the passengers.  

The incident is being investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration. It is being said that the cause of the landing is not related to the anti-stall software which was the reason for two fatal crashes including the one which happened in Indonesia last year.

The airport spokesperson told the media, that of the three runways of the airport, one was shut down for cleaning after the landing which was described as a standard procedure for checking of runway for debris after any kind of emergency landing. It was yet not clear if the parts of the plane had fallen off the aircraft or not. The airline has stated that it was a performance issue as the engine took off shortly for California airport, where it was going for a short-term storage. The news has again rocked the manufacturer Boeing as it was still struggling to cope up with the fall-out from the two crashes which had cast a spell of doubt over the safety certification process and also shaking of confidence in the manufacturer.

Boeing 737 MAX is said to be the fastest selling aircraft in the history of the company as the manufacturer has sold over 370 units so far and around 4700 more on order. Many airlines have stated that they will be reviewing their orders due to the crashes.  Boeing 737 has become a nightmare for the manufacturer which has come under scan over the quality of its products. Both the crashes which had occurred had shown similar pattern as the aircraft went down only a few minutes into the air leading to the death of everyone on board.



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